10 Portland Blogs We Love

If we didn’t already have the nickname Stumptown, Blogtown might be an apt choice, because it seems nearly everyone in Portland has a camera and a blog. Here’s a tiny selection of blogs from useful to amusing by Portlanders about Portland that we enjoy following with a NE slant.


https://alamedahistory.org/ Fascinating and well-documented vignettes from Portland history produced by a very local (Alameda neighborhood) historian Doug Decker. Check out his section on how to research your home’s history!

https://vintageportland.wordpress.com/ Cool old photos from the Oregon Historical Society and short descriptions from all areas of early Portland.

Useful & Awesome Information

http://necoalition.org/blog/ Run by the folks who bring us the “Hey Neighbor” newsletter, the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods has a fantastic blog that brings together curated policy news from city of Portland on issues that matter, community events and resources (small grants!). Great for those looking to get involved/ educated/ hang out with neighbors.

https://ecotrust.org/blog/ Awesome infographics abound at the non-profit EcoTrust’s blog filled with insightful news and profiles of local leaders that sits at intersection of environment, culture and science. Written by smart globally-aware Portlanders you’d want to have a deep dive conversation with about everything from the future of NW farmland to health equality in Portland, over a pint of local brew of course.  

https://www.travelportland.com/ Need ideas for a weekend staycation? Travel and love your city…especially on a sunny day everything on the Eastside is just a bike ride away from Alameda.

https://multcolib.org/blogs Where to look for recommendations for summer reads, free classes on soap making or computers, + heartwarming stories? The Multnomah County Library blog of course!

http://pdxbloggers.com/ A blog by and for Portland Bloggers (with a master list)? You knew there’d be one of those here in Blogtown.

Life/ Style

http://portlandsampler.com/ One of many drool worthy Portland food/ lifestyle blogs—this one’s mostly Eastside and deliver just what it promises: a sampling by a former chef and food critic Sarah Kline.

http://humansofpdx.com/  Inspired by Humans of NY Briana Cerezo captures portraits from the street scene, the big float, shops, parks, bikes, celebrations, and moments in between. Humans of Portland captures little vignettes of residents out and about just being who they are.

http://www.foodcartsportland.com/ Food Carts in Portland, because if there is one thing Portlanders share across neighborhoods, creeds and the political divide it an enduring love for food carts—and we’re hungry.

Okay, Bonus: https://portlandtransport.com/ For anyone who enjoys Portland by bike Portland Transport’s fun and interesting posts and interviews are hard to beat.  Includes KBOO radio’s monthly broadcast “The Bike Show” dedicated to you guessed it: Biking in PDX!

What are your favorite Portland blogs? How about Podcasts?